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The secret of a successful conference, business event or seminar lies in recruiting the right public, featuring outstanding speakers, and in the design and production of an unforgettable program.

If you need to plan a business function, at Oscar we know just how to do it for you!

Oscar 4B, which specializes in the planning, organization and production of business events in Israel and abroad, is unique in the comprehensive and complete solution we offer in all aspects of your special event. All our people are highly skilled and experienced in initiating, planning and producing events that talk business. Action is taken on every level to ensure the success of the planned seminar or conference, from scheduling dates and building contents, through the recruitment of speakers and participants and planning a unique program, to the actual production of every element involved.

Oscar's unique specialty is raising the appropriate sponsorships to finance conferences and seminars in Israel and elsewhere in the world.

Our clients include top companies and entities in the Israeli and international business communities, which for many years have benefited from our experience and capability in planning and producing successful events.